Choices and Judgements

I own that it is my sole responsibility for the choices
I make and I do my very best to make the 'right' choice
and so if there is some 'loss' 
who's to say it is?
and the truth is 
"is that so?"
 The moment's evaluation  of conditions
are embedded in a larger story -
like in the story of the man who has a horse wander in to his farm.
Neighbors say " what good fortune."   He replies "Is that so?"
His son rides the horse and breaks his leg.  Neighbors say "what bad fortune!"  He replies "Is that so?"
A war breaks out and because of the broken leg, his son can't  go to war.   Neighbors say "what good fortune!" he replies  "is that so?"
and on and on Life goes.
We don't know if our choices are what we hope & desire & even anticipate them to be..
Its not ours always to know
but surely we need to adjust to whatever does arrive.
Irrefutably in front of our face.
Just keep doing our best
and staying as detached as possible,
holding to the core of oneself.
Otherwise its a roller coaster
 with one's  Life Source suckered into holding the wheel
How much help is it if one's Life is being driven by the Lunatic?
  Better that the Higher Self is driving.
On the Tree of Life, balance into the Middle Pillar.


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